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Do you write short stories at all?

Asked by jadeallencook

I do! They are weird and involve murderous cats.

Most of my short stories have fallen into two categories: fabulism, and creepy westerns. I’ve been working (and by “working” I mean “not working”) on a collection of short stories inspired by West Texas that take place in a fictional town called Calamity. Lately I seem to end up writing novels (/YA novel attempts) more than short stories (gotta make dem bux). Shorts are hard, yo. But sometimes switching genres can be a relief.

How ‘bout you?

<3 - K

Hi fellow poet who draws, do you use Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop, Painter or Manga Studio for your digital painting?

Asked by francoisluong

Hey friend!

I use Photoshop primarily, but sometimes I like to throw it into some old school SAI. Right now I don’t use anything because WHAT we have to RENT Photoshop now NO SIR. :\

I also didn’t bring my old Intuos 2 Wacom to Serbia or Istanbul or Norway (yeah, I have some photos I need to post) because I was afraid it would fall apart (but it’s still going strong otherwise). So I just sit here pining for it. Did you know taxes are crazy in Norway? F’rulls, crazy taxes.

I put off drawing very much in the last couple years while I was pursuing my MFA, so most of my work has been pen drawings on napkins in bars. Fun tip: carry index cards with you. Easier than a drawing pad and I don’t have to keep tearing things out of notebooks.

Poet on!
- K

Traveling to Serbia. But maybe not, since I seem to be Queen of Cancelled Flights. Chillin’ in Detroit still.


Urban outfitters is ripping me off with the help of a party named ‘Bambam’. This is taken from my original work tryypyzoyd. I’m furious. PLEASE SHARE TO HELP.

I will respond in the post to any inquiries: I emailed them and I’m waiting to hear back.

Thanks so much to anyone who reblogs this post. I will follow you if you reblog.

Urban Outfitters has ripped off artist works for YEARS. Why on earth are they not finally fined for copyright violation in an amount that will finally deter them from the cost-cutting rip-offs?

(via aleaosha)

Sailor Venus. Loving the new old episodes on Hulu. Who’s your favorite senshi?

Not quite as happy with this one (still figuring out my brush settings and right now it seems like me “painting” is just “making things progressively worse”). Need to figure out a good style for shorter pieces. And I guess my monitor size is huge or photoshop is funny because I work on them at one size and they show up when I post them as 2x larger…

This one is for Celesaphii, one of my regulars on Gaia. :)

Deciding whether or not to buy a new tablet to replace the old one (which was purchased in 2002 and other than having a scuffed up overlay and no replacement nibs, is going strong as far as I can tell!). A WIP for one of my regulars, MissMissie, on Gaia.

And one more Cerifox. #drawing #girls #art

Cerifox in a jumper, because I guess summer. #girls #drawing #art

Well. Haven’t done this kind of thing in a while.

Hi :) I wanted to know how you liked Stavanger? Thank you xx

I loved it! It was beautiful, and very relaxing. The community felt very warm, but also quiet while I was there (over Christmas), although the malls were bustling. The ocean was so beautiful, as was the farmland beside it—some very much needed time in the sun before returning to Trondheim.

Andreas’ parents live in Kleppe, so we spent most of our time there, and I can’t wait to go back! It’s also seeming to be the place that all his young friends are moving to when they start their families, so it seems to be becoming very hip! :) Thanks for asking! <3

Edit: haugedal says we need to spend more time in the city-city! We were mostly in the suburbs. :D

New haircut means curls stay in for an hour or two vs twenty minutes :) #hair #annarbor #vscocam

haugedal and I planted some cacti and succulents today. :) I might have let them cuddle up too much. I hope they have a long, happy life and become good friends.

Recap of 30/30 and Prompt-A-Day April 2014.


Phew! That was a rush! Happy National Poetry Month!!

Here’s the final list of all the prompts/exercises I posted for National Poetry Month. Almost all of of them should applicable to both poetry and prose.

1. Newspaper Lines
2. The Poet Thief
3. Three Names
4. The Other Hand
5. Endless Lines
6. Lexical Sets
7. Oh No You Didn’t!
8. Letter(s) to God(s)
9. Civic Poetry
10. Landscapes You Have Loved
11. Dire & Mundane
12. Dead Poet’s Society
13. Overheard Conversations
14. Parameters & Process
15. Proper Nouns
16. Oulipo
17. An Address
18. Dead Metaphors & Waking Clichés
19. Fantastical Prosetry
20. Visual Metaphor Scavenger Hunt
21. I Ship Brangelina
22. Tip Of The Iceberg, End Of The Thread
23. Spectacular Vernacular
24. Wikipedia Surboart
25. Erasures, Auto-writing & Re-mixes
26. Object Metaphor & Re-upholstering The Chair
27. No Ideas, But In Things
28. Truth & Lies
29. Every Poem An Elegy Every Poem An Ars Poetica
30. Grab Bag of Exercises


And here’s a list of all the poems I generated for 30/30 or poem-a-day (linked in excerpt form). A few of them even made it into my thesis. Omigosh.

1. He Never Did Pay Back What He Owed
2. Ribbons
3. And I Will Never Tell Anyone What You Tell Me
4. Meine Geliebten Kinder
5. Cradleboard
6. Maybe It Really Is Maybelline
7. Status II
8. Midland (Rockin’ Rodeo)
9. Ann Arbor
10. Because You Are A Sister
11. Of What Was Important To me In My Life
12. Vienna
13. Sometimes The Dreams Make Me Angry
14. All Hail The King
15. Intracranial
16. Highway 285
17. River Rocks
18. Presidio
19. Meredith
20. When Does That Happen
21. They Named The Boat For The Son Who Died
22. Ann Arbor Wakes On Sunday Morning
23. Margarita Island
24. Nuomenons
25. Kerrville
26. Everyone Loves A Beautiful Ironing Board
27. Y’all Ain’t From Here
28. Palpitations & Seizures
29. In Which I Recall The Flood As Pink Lightning
30. Cleopatra to the Scribe


I’ll probably try to keep going after this, and there are some subjects related to writing and the teaching of writing that I’m hoping to blog about further, but this was a great exercise (/marathon) and I’m happy to have generated some new work and shared some great exercises with you all. Please feel free to share around (please link back here!), and also let me know how you found the exercises and which ones were the most helpful to you or suggestions for more to feature! :)

Best, - K

Images: god-of-insects. Part of 30/30 and my own Prompt A Day for National Poetry Month.