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// Out West - Portfolio design

+ expanding accordion navigation - design is as in previous image when unexpanded, clicking the stick navigation links open each of the sections smoothly between the layers of the picture. Different sections can be expanded or closed at any time.
+ HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery
+ custom flickr widget, sortable jQuery + Quicksand portfolio

I ALMOST had this operational when my server seemed to have kinda dropped out of commission. Now I’m not sure if I have a local file that is recent of it, and I’ve redesigned to be much simpler (and I hadn’t yet figured out how to link to the accordion navigation from within the slides)—if I can get it back I might offer it as a professional resume—but I loved this layout for how wild it was and how different to navigate. I was inspired by a card my father gave me as a kid that folded out to reveal different animals living in different levels of the desert and mountains.

I’ll be releasing some free photoshop curves to accompany my facebook launch for my photography. :) I’m not totally sure they are finished or up to snuff yet.

Portfolio design stages
Behind the scenes of new portfolio #design.
(from @kenzieallen on Streamzoo)

That’s right.

(about time.)

Sketching for a new project with an up and coming Wordpress factory. (at Crestwood in Gravois, MO.)

Lunchtime tabletop #design (Taken with picplz at Yum Yum Too in New York, NY.)

Planning a new set of paintings on the lunch tablepaper. (Taken with picplz in Manhattan, NY.)

Planning stages, website sketching. (Taken with picplz at Chipotle Mexican Grill in Manhattan, NY.)