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Traveling to Serbia. But maybe not, since I seem to be Queen of Cancelled Flights. Chillin’ in Detroit still.

From The Produce Station on State, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

McCamey, Carthage, Garrison, TX

From my Poems Across Texas project.

(iPhone 5 /  VSCOcam)

Spending the month at the Vermont Studio Center. Beautiful and idyllic, and I have my own studio and bookshelf and I’m a happy little poet. Went to visit my sister Holly, who teaches at Middlebury, and her beautiful family.

Vanity. #vscocam


Just downloaded the AfterLight app.

I like it. :)

A lovely lunch in Emmenegger Park!

Gpoyw - patterns of perturbed edition.

Emily. #photography #iphonography #portraits

More via ClassicBooth (new versus old free version). Makin faces.

Party time.

Spring in the Arbor.

Dutch braids.

My weekend. ;)