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#life #hair Today. :)

Channelling Kahlo today. #vscocam #pictapgo_app #life #hair

Hopwood Awards

Really thrilled to be updating my bio tonight. We heard back about the Winter Term Hopwood Contests, and I won a Hopwood Award in Graduate Poetry, another in Graduate Nonfiction, and a Helen S. and John Wagner Prize as well, all from turning in two manuscripts last February.

The poetry manuscript was “Draw Girls Around The World,” which is now being called “Firewater” for the moment, and my non-fiction memoir, “How To Be A Real Indian.” I can’t decide if I’m happier about the poetry or the non-fiction, or the comments from the national judges I’ll get to pick up tomorrow from the Hopwood room. Or having my picture taken, haha.

I’ve actually been writing more than a poem a day, especially if I count the travel pieces I’ve been transcribing and editing, or all the overheard conversations I’ve been turning into poems (dear Sorority Girls: you might want to keep your voices down in the coffee shop :D ). It’s a strangely fruitful month, the weather has turned pretty again, I teach my last week of classes next week and I attend my last week of classes and I do all the weird pre-graduation stuff. This program was too, too short, even with next year’s fellowship, I just want to take two more years of classes and teaching. :)

Very grateful to the University of Michigan, Helen Zell Writers’ Program, Hopwood Committee and national judges, Laura Kasischke, Khaled Mattawa, Van Jordan, Linda Gregerson, Megan Levad, Keith Taylor, Evan Chambers, Kerri Webster, Kellie Wells, Kenneth E. Harrison, Norman Dubie, Dorianne Laux, Heid E. Erdrich, and Stephen Dunn, and, my fantastic cohort, and my writer-friends.

Ann Arbor Festifools 2014. Such a creative city!

Ann Arbor Festifools 2014.

Ann Arbor Festifools 2014.

Ann Arbor Festifools!

Spent the day at the Ann Arbor Festifools, and was amazed at the creativity and exuberance of this amazing city. Can’t wait to share the photos with you all (especially if I figure out how to keep Tumblr/FB from butchering them on upload), and here’s a little sneak peak. And my missing 30/30 posts are in the queue. :)

Just hanging out with my Norwegian. :)

Made a delicious dinner tonight, mushroom ravioli in a mushroom sage cream sauce and a side of deliciously fresh green beans. Today was beautiful, but the Arbor was pretty crowded between game day, Hash Bash, and other sunny Saturday lures.

Voicemails from my Commie-Pinko Father, pt I

Oh, this is your dad. I’m just calling you back. I must have had my phone off during class and I forgot to turn it back on. You know. I like it because then I don’t have to get calls.

Matthaei Botanical Gardens @ The University of Michigan

Cacti at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens @ The University of Michigan

Matthaei Botanical Gardens @ The University of Michigan

Boyfriend. :) Crazy-handsome, right?

Matthaei Botanical Gardens @ The University of Michigan

Matthaei Botanical Gardens @ the University of Michigan