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Nikon D5000, CS5 



Doing a soft launch of Kenzie Allen Photography on facebook, for you, my tumblr peeps.


Check out our promotions tab and “like” us for a FREE photography curve (Brickdust). This is the refined version of Brickdust that has a tiny bit more punch to it.

Exclusive for my Tumblr folk » send me a note/ask with the name you used to like the page and I will send you the link to the second curve, “Leafdust.” (Also the softer original Brickdust if you’d prefer it.)

I’m trying to get to 30 likes so I can use the full features of the thing. Silly facebook. Any help is appreciated! My coding is all crappy on Firefox, but the initial attempt is passable. I am hoping to keep updating my freebies as I expand.

I’ll be releasing some free photoshop curves to accompany my facebook launch for my photography. :) I’m not totally sure they are finished or up to snuff yet.

Father, daughter.

How perfect is she? :)


Nikon D5000 + CS5


(@washington university campus, Nikon d5000, CS5)


(@washington university campus, Nikon D5000, CS5) 

Drawing #girls (in Richmond Heights, MO.)

Remember how I used to, like, draw sometimes?

Yeah, who knew.

(it’s only ever cheesecake these days.)


I’ll post more progress shots as I go. I’m also working on a BlackMilk portrait.

Finished touching these up today. :) More portraits for Ian.

And here are some of my before/afters I’ll be using for a portfolio. :) Any retouching suggestions?

More ATC, this one inspired by Queen of the Night in Magic Flute. And giant swords. 

And yeah, there’s another card on either side of it. This one used gold paint in addition to all the Martha Stewart glitter I seem intent on throwing around. I’d scan them but… glitter.


Re: Karissa Morton, by Kenzie

And another in progress. It’s a little like these two are from completely different artists, huh. *sigh*

She’s my Gaia avatar of late.