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Start of a little sketch of Alexandra Cabot, my favorite ADA on #SVU

Remember how I used to, like, draw sometimes?

Yeah, who knew.

(it’s only ever cheesecake these days.)


I’ll post more progress shots as I go. I’m also working on a BlackMilk portrait.


Been making Artist Trading Cards lately. Sketch, possibly Eden Wood-esque.

And another in progress. It’s a little like these two are from completely different artists, huh. *sigh*

She’s my Gaia avatar of late.

Still in progress. :3

Work-in-progress. :) My gaia avatar.


I am open for 3 fullbody/detailed-waist-up commissions ($60), please send me a note (cerenasketches(at)gmail) if you are interested, or share this with friends. 

Refer a friend who commissions me and get a free headshot (make sure to tell your friend to tell me who sent em!). Open for a limited time.

Needed to start arting again. Some little circusy girl. (Taken with picplz.)

Some things I twitpicc’d lately.

I dunno, I’m still wrestling with failed hard drives. It takes energy out of a person. So does apartment cleaning/job search. Buh.

Sketches in progress.

Old pieces or wips, that for whatever reason weren’t posted or have secret b-side versions.

My deviantart is here.